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Figures in Anatomical Pathology: Juan Rosai

On the fourth anniversary of the passing of Juan Rosai, we want to pay tribute to the legacy legacy of one of the most influential and respected pathologists worldwide. Juan Rosai was a central figure in Anatomical Pathology, internationally recognized for his pioneering contributions that transformed research in this field.

He was the co-author of the book “Rosai and Ackerman’s Surgical Pathology,” a work that has become essential for pathologists worldwide and remains a reference in the field. He was particularly known for his research activities that led to several discoveries in surgical pathology, helping establish new standards and significantly improving the diagnosis and treatment of numerous pathologies.

Many pathologists at IMP Diagnostics have had their careers and education influenced by this colleague. We decided to highlight the personal experience of our founder, Isabel Macedo Pinto, who fondly and nostalgically remembers Juan Rosai’s good humor and intellectual capacity.

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