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IMP Diagnostics Attended the 9th Advanced Course in Oncological Gynecology – IPO Porto

IMP Diagnostics  attended the 9th edition of the Advanced Course in Oncological Gynecology held at the Main Auditorium of the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO-Porto) on June 27, 2024. This event aims to promote collaboration among different specialties, including oncologists and specialized nurses, to improve patient care.

In a presentation on the intervention of Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with clinical action in cases of gynecological cancer, Diana Montezuma Felizardo, a pathologist at IMP Diagnostics, showcased several technological contributions to different areas of practice: Medical Imaging; Laboratory Testing; AI Chatbots; Drug Development; Assisted Surgery and in Computational Pathology.

Read more: Figures in Anatomical Pathology: Juan Rosai

In 2023, we published an article focused on the development of an AI algorithm applicable to one of the most common oncological gynecological pathologies, cervical cancer. This algorithm is capable of segmenting the cervical epithelium and subsequently acting as a dysplasia classifier, with an accuracy of 71.1% and a sensitivity of 72.2%, thereby automating the evaluation of slides.

Learn more about this papper: A CAD system for automatic dysplasia grading on H&E cervical whole-slide images.

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