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IMP Diagnostics has Unveiled its Fresh Visual Identity

We unveil the new visual identity of IMP Diagnostics, a leading Pathological Anatomy laboratory established in 1998. More than just a new image, it signifies a commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the service of diagnosis and health.  

Our new identity incorporates elements symbolizing innovation, reliability, and a commitment to excellence. The logo, crafted by the agency This is Pacifica, boasts modern and dynamic lines, conveying an image of change and evolution. The vibrant colors and graphic elements evoke a digital universe with an energy and vitality characteristic of the current moment, representing a phase of transformation.

This change goes beyond logo updates, extending to our digital and physical presence, including our website, informative materials, and social media presence. Our aim is to provide a consistent and impactful experience for clients and partners worldwide.

Highlighted by Marketeer magazine, our new visual identity marks an inspiring new chapter in our journey.

To learn more about IMP Diagnostics and our new visual identity, visit:

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