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Article about IMP in THE PATHOLOGIST – Digital Pathology and AI

IMP Diagnostics on the Map of Digital Pathology and AI, an Article in The Pathologist.

IMP Diagnostics is now part of the digital revolution in pathology, but this long journey, with over a decade of transformation, is only made possible through continuous learning.

“The future of pathology is digital” – Founder and Co-CEO Dr. Isabel Macedo Pinto .

“The digital pathology project team wasn’t large, but it was diverse. It included a general project coordinator, a clinical coordinator to incorporate pathologists’ insights from the get go, an IT representative to act as a point of contact with our technology suppliers, and a business coordinator to oversee financial investments” – Co-CEO João Sousa Pimentel .

“We are pioneers in implementing digital workflow in private clinical practice, and we knew there would be challenges” – IT Manager, André Tavares .

“Digital pathology has transformed our current diagnoses into more accurate and comprehensive ones” – Head of R&D Dr. Diana Montezuma Felizardo .

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