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IMP Diagnostics participated in the First Ibero-American Conference on Pathological Anatomy.

The first edition of the Ibero-American Pathology Conference, which took place in Menorca, Spain, from May 16 to 17, 2024, featured the presence of Domingos Oliveira and Artur Costa e Silva, both Pathologists from IMP Diagnostics. They shared their expertise with the audience on their respective areas of specialization.   On May 16, Domingos Oliveira, representing IMP Diagnostics, had the opportunity to present his experience in the implementation of digital pathology and computational pathology during a plenary session. Below are some key points from his presentation, titled “Innovation and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Pathology: The IMP Diagnostics Experience,” which can be seen in the following images.

The First Edition of the Ibero-American Pathology Conference was organized by the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP-IAP) with support from various institutions, including Leica Biosystems. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate and share our knowledge with the medical and scientific community in a field that is increasingly ambitious and challenging.

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