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IMP Diagnostics made its mark at the HER2 OnSpot event organized by AstraZeneca in Lisbon.

IMP Diagnostics was actively involved in the HER2 OnSpot event hosted by AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo in Lisbon, Portugal. This initiative brought together physicians and technicians who collaborate daily to ensure a precise and comprehensive evaluation of the HER2 biomarker.  
Sofia Campelos, a Pathologist at IMP Diagnostics, contributed with a presentation on the topic “Current Experience in Digital and Computational Pathology.” Throughout the presentation, it was emphasized that HER2 research plays a central role in defining personalized therapy. Additionally, various ways in which digital pathology can contribute to a more reliable diagnosis/result were explored.  

IMP Diagnostics proudly accepted the invitation and actively participated in this initiative, which has the scientific endorsement of the Portuguese Society of Pathological Anatomy (SPAP) and the APTAP – Portuguese Association of Anatomical Pathology Technicians.

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