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Presenting the Gynecological Pathology Unit

Inspired by the ambition to be a leading laboratory in Anatomical Pathology, we set as a priority from the beginning the creation of specialized units for the differentiated diagnosis of relevant pathologies in our routine. These units represent spaces for educational growth, opportunities for open case discussions, and active involvement in the clinical activities of these specialties.

In this first publication of a series in which we will present the diagnostic units of IMP Diagnostics, we begin with the Gynecological Pathology Unit, coordinated by the Founder and Pathologist at IMP Diagnostics, Isabel Macedo Pinto.

Specialists in Women’s Health

The Gynecological Pathology Unit is composed of Anatomical Pathologists who understand the needs and daily challenges that Gynecologists face in treating these conditions.

Our Main Goal

We have assembled a team with solid expertise that ensures a reliable and decisive diagnosis, making a difference in the lives of patients.

Most Frequent Pathologies

There are several pathologies associated with this area. We now present some of the most frequent ones, such as Cervical and Ovarian Tumors or HPV Infection.

Learn more about this unit and our portfolio of associated exams on our website:

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