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Gynecological Pathology

Specialists in women’s health

The Gynecological Pathology Unit is composed of Pathologists who understand the daily needs and challenges that Gynecologists face in treating pathologies in this field. Examples of our activities include the creation of informative manuals and joint training sessions.

Unit Coordinator

We have assembled a team with solid knowledge that ensures a reliable and decisive diagnosis, making a difference in the lives of patients.

IMP Exams

Gynecological cytology: conventional and liquid-based (ThinPrep® PapTest)
HPV Genotyping
STI Panel
CINtec® Plus (Qualitative detection of p16INK4a and ki-67 proteins)
Anal cytology
Immunohistochemical tests
Microsatellite instability
POLE mutations
Study of mutations in BRCA 1/2 genes

Most frequent pathologies

Cervical pathology and HPV infection
Endometrial tumors
Ovarian tumors
Vulvar pathology
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