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Embryo & Fetal Pathology

A complementary approach in prenatal diagnosis

The Embryo & Fetal Pathology Unit conducts the study of abortive fetal tissues, placentas, and fetal autopsies. The anatomopathological evaluation of these cases requires highly specialized training for the recognition of alterations in different tissues, aiming for precise diagnosis, ranging from congenital disorders to changes associated with maternal and placental pathology.

Unit Coordinator

The close and integrative multidisciplinary work of professionals with subspecialized training is an asset for definitive diagnosis, prognosis, and potential genetic counseling.

IMP Exams

Dissection and Macroscopy
Histochemical tests
Maternal pathology
Immunohistochemical Tests
Genetic Studies

Most frequent pathologies

Chromosomal disorders
Anomalies and congenital pathologies
Placental pathology
Maternal pathology
Gestational trophoblastic disease
Tubal ectopic pregnancy
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