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Oral Pathology

Diagnosis of oral cavity diseases

The Oral Pathology Unit consists of pathologists experienced in diagnosing lesions of the oral cavity, affecting both soft tissues (tongue, lips, gums, and other oral mucosa) and hard tissues (maxillary bone structures and teeth), as well as associated structures (salivary glands).

Unit Coordinator

Some of these pathologies may be associated with viral infections such as HPV and herpes, or fungal infections like candidiasis. The laboratory is equipped with complementary techniques that assist in their detection.

IMP Exams

Histochemical tests
Immunohistochemical tests
Immunofluorescence tests
Molecular tests

Most frequent pathologies

Traumatic fibroma
Pyogenic granuloma
Oral lichen planus
Squamous papilloma and common wart
Precursor lesions of the mouth
Squamous cell carcinoma
Sjögren’s syndrome
Salivary gland tumors
Odontogenic cysts and tumors
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