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Diagnosis of urological diseases

IMP’s Uropathology Unit is composed of experienced pathologists specialized in the assessment of lesions related to changes in the male urinary and reproductive systems.

The anatomopathological evaluation is based on the study of microbiopsies, incisional biopsies, excisional biopsies, and surgical specimens. In most of these samples, in addition to diagnosis, it is necessary to assess a set of morphological parameters important for therapeutic guidance and patient prognosis.

Unit Coordinator

This is an area where involvement with multidisciplinary teams is sought, believing it to be a differentiating factor for understanding the disease.

IMP Exams

Immunohistochemical tests
Molecular Studies
Study of mutations in BRCA 1/2 genes

Most frequent pathologies

Nodular hyperplasia of the prostate
Prostate carcinoma
Bladder carcinoma
Kidney carcinoma
Testicular tumors
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